This website is run by CYSEC. CYSEC is an IT Security and Risk Content Publisher, that also provides Cyber Security Consulting, Development and Implementation Company. We specialise in security policy creation, security control implementation and penetration testing, on top of our unique security content business.

If you are concerned about your Risk Profile, CYSEC can help you implement controls that would allow to you quantify your Risk posture and reduce your attack surface. CYSEC has a well-defined risk methodology, equating your Vulnerabilities, Threats and Counter Measures, that allows you to calculate your overall Risk.

Where we have identified gaps in Vulnerability Management or Counter Measure Implementation, CYSEC will define a stream of work that can be undertaken by your internal platform team or the CYSEC Professional Services team, to ensure your Risk posture remains with in a zone of comfort.

The goal of the website is to allow the free distribution of industry best practice guidance to ensure a more robust security ecosystem for all organisations.

We believe that the more security information and best practice guidance that is distributed to the public by the experts, the safer we all are.

The content on this website is produced by industry experts, but should not be relied upon as the sole source for security best practice guidance.  We recommend that any solution put in place should be audited by the appropriate accreditation authority.

We happily engage with industry experts, security and compliance vendors, or the general public and welcome all feedback on how we can improve our offering.  If you have some suggestions please contact us via the contacts page.

This website will only contain data that is not protectively marked, and is original works of the authors.  While there maybe references to the actual standards, no copyrighted data should exist on the website.

It is a violation of our Wiki content policy to include data that is under copyright and we expect all data to be original work of the author.  If you find content that is a violation of this policy please contact us with the details.

Any author violating the Wiki content policy will be permanently banned from ALL CYSEC content websites.

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